Straighter teeth = Healthier gums.

Improved Hygiene. Better biting and functioning. Happier Smile. Healthier Life.

What happens when teeth are out of place? (Malocclusion)

Teeth are all bunched up together (crowding)

  • more plaque and calculus buildup = longer cleaning
  • Houses dangerous bacteria
  • More chances of periodontal disease, loss of teeth, bone loss.

Teeth have spaces in between(whistle when I talk)

  • More food accumulating in between teeth
  • More chances of red gums and sore gums
  • More chances of periodontal disease

Teeth have deep bite (can’t bite into an apple)

  • Lower teeth erupt too much which causes one to bite their palate when chewing, causing damage to the palate
  • Causes too much wear and worn look of the lower front teeth

Teeth are in crossbite (many times I bite my cheek)

  • Tooth wears quickly and teeth can chip easily
  • Areas of teeth towards bottom that chip off (abfraction lesions)

Teeth have too much overbite (can’t tear my sandwich)

  • Teeth fracture and chip easily
  • Causes trauma to front teeth

Teeth are edge to edge (bite does not feel right)

  • Teeth chip and break easily
  • Joint pain
  • Front teeth short and worn down

Teeth are open when bite (my lips are not seated right in my face)

  • Small areas at neck of teeth (abfraction lesions)
  • Gum receding, loose teeth or some loss
  • Too much wear on back teeth

Teeth malaligned or malocclusion if left untreated can lead to periodated disease and is a risk factor to bone loss. Periodental disease may increase your chances of getting atherosclerosis cardiovascular disease (hardening of the arteries)

Whether your teeth and bite are a little malaligned or completely out of shape, Dr. Josh can bring them all together. With his customized invisalign treatments from 8 to 18 month, Dr. Josh will hold your hand and take you step by step in the process. Every two weeks, Dr. Josh will meet with you and check the progression of your mouth. Travelling? No problem. Dr. Josh has many international and yachting industry (yachtees) who are his patients, facetime, tango and whatsapp are someways Dr. Josh keeps abreast and stays on top of all progress.

Don’t let your smile be affected by crowded teeth. Don’t let your teeth be a road block for a physical health.

Start invisalign today with Dr. Josh.

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